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Advantages of super capacitor module

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       The super capacitor module is a new type of energy pack composed of multiple super capacitors in series, combined with a voltage equalization and discharge stabilization system, and an aluminum alloy shell. The birth of supercapacitor modules has made up for the defects of energy storage devices such as lead-acid batteries. The operating temperature range of supercapacitor modules is between -40 and 65°C, which greatly reduces the efficiency of lead-acid batteries in outdoor cold conditions. The problem; and the super capacitor module not only has all the characteristics of the super capacitor monomer, but also has the status monitoring function, which can better realize the maintenance-free and easy-to-maintain.


       The super capacitor module has the following advantages:

       1. High capacity: the capacity of super capacitors can reach thousand farads, which is thousands of times higher than the capacity of tantalum electrolytic capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors of the same volume.

       2. The super capacitor module has a long life (100 thousand times of charging); lead-acid battery has a short life (500 times of charging), easy to damage, and difficult to manage. It is 20-200 times that of lead-acid batteries and can have the same fate with equipment.

       3. Short charging time: Supercapacitors are charged with high current and can be fully charged in a few seconds to a few minutes. Even if the battery is charged quickly, it takes tens of minutes, and frequent fast charging will affect the battery life.

       4. The charging and discharging efficiency of supercapacitor modules is high (98%); the charging and discharging efficiency of lead-acid batteries is low (70%).

       5. The power density of super capacitor modules is high (10.000W/kg); the power density of lead-acid batteries is low (300W/kg), the difference is more than 30 times.

       6. The super capacitor module is maintenance-free, and the operating temperature range (-40~50); the driving range of the lead-acid battery electric vehicle at -40°C is reduced by 90%, and the super capacitor is only reduced by 10%.

       7. The super capacitor module has strong energy recovery in electric buses, and the emergency braking energy recovery is as high as 75%; the lead-acid battery energy recovery is only 5%, which is too important for public buses and can save a lot of fuel.

       8. The relative cost of the super capacitor module is low. The price of supercapacitors is twice as high as that of lead-acid batteries, and the price will drop after mass production; but the lifespan of supercapacitors is 10 times higher than that of lead-acid batteries, which is very important for the industrialization of public buses.

       9. Reliable operation, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly: Supercapacitors have a certain degree of anti-overcharge ability, which will not have much influence on their work in a short period of time, which can ensure the reliability of system operation.


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