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snap-in type electrolytic capacitor 470uf 450V

snap-in type electrolytic capacitor 470uf 450V

snap-in type electrolytic capacitor belongs to a kind of electrolytic capacitor. snap-in type electrolytic capacitor is a popular name, and the professional name is conductive foil electrolytic capacitor.


Compared with other guide pin electrolytic capacitors, snap-in type electrolytic capacitor generally have the characteristics of large capacity and high withstand voltage.


snap-in type electrolytic capacitor usually plays the role of power filtering, decoupling, signal coupling, time constant setting, DC isolation and so on in power supply circuit or intermediate frequency and low frequency circuit. Generally, it cannot be used in AC power supply circuit. When it is used as filter capacitor in DC power supply circuit, its anode (positive pole) shall be connected with the positive end of power supply voltage, and the cathode (negative pole) shall be connected with the negative end of power supply voltage. It cannot be reversed, otherwise the capacitor will be damaged.

Rated voltage: 450V rated capacity: 470uf

Temperature: 105 ℃, service life: 3000h

Package size: 30 * 45mm brand: JMX

RoHS compliant; High ripple resistance; High reliability;

Application: used in frequency converter, industrial power supply and data processing equipment



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