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Bolt type electrolytic capacitor 1000uf400v

Product features:

Cylindrical, metal shell, one-way lead-out and lead-out mode are bolt type, with polarity and pressure relief device (inching anti-combustion device is adopted, so there will be no combustibles flying out when the internal pressure of the capacitor increases or the product breaks down).

The snap ring is used for fixed installation, which is not suitable for direct installation on the circuit board.

Product parameters:

Working voltage: 4 ~ 500v.dc

Static capacitance: 0.1 ~ 2200000 UF

Service life: 2000 ~ 10000 hours

Temperature range: - 55 ~ 135 ℃, with the characteristics of high reliability, long service life, high temperature resistance and large ripple current. Shell number can be adjusted according to customer requirements.



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