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Current applications and future application prospects of sup

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       1. The rise of supercapacitors

       Under the promotion of energy and environmental protection policies, new energy has been listed as one of my country's strategic emerging industries, and will focus on the development of plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicle technologies, and develop plug-in hybrid vehicles , Pure electric vehicle research and development and large-scale commercialization demonstration projects, and promote industrial applications. In the next three years, 630,000 large- and medium-sized passenger vehicles will be created for renewal demand, and new energy buses will become an important passenger car market to fill the gap and one of the development directions. Among them, supercapacitors are in line with the application development of this industry. There are more and more supercapacitor manufacturers on the market. Effective competition in the market will stimulate and promote the rapid development and application of supercapacitor technology; at the same time, the development and application of supercapacitors The continuous expansion of production and application scale will inevitably help reduce the cost of ultracapacitor terminal users.

       2. Super capacitor application industry

       At present, the application industry of supercapacitors on the market can directly experience the small cars. The BYD inside has been put into use in large quantities. In the international market, Tesla's small cars have attracted more attention, and companies have a common goal. It is to improve energy consumption and replace traditional hybrid vehicles with more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly energy sources. In the area of public transportation facilities, energy-saving hybrid electric vehicles are already widely used, and supercapacitors are also used in them. At present, China is vigorously developing pure supercapacitor-powered cars.

       On August 28, 2006, the 11th road began to put into operation of super capacitor vehicles, which is also the bus line using super capacitor vehicles in Shanghai. It is a pity that it is limited to traffic environment routes and has not been well resolved, resulting in no mass application, but all this is only a matter of time. It is unrealistic to have a large number of charging stations and charging equipment in cities. At this time, capacitors with high energy density come in handy, that is, fast-charging new energy buses, which can even be fully charged in 5 minutes. This kind of new energy bus will enter the station and charge in just tens of seconds. This is the charm of supercapacitors. If the power grid allows, it can theoretically be fully charged in a few seconds, like a battery, this short-circuit charging is not allowed. Although only a few vehicles have been put into the market and are still in the demonstration stage, it is enough to prove that the market can be gradually opened.

       Third, the combination of super capacitors and high-speed trains

       High-speed rail has always been known as China’s four new inventions. my country has the number of high-speed rail lines and the most frequent daily departures. Each time the high-speed rail starts, it consumes 100-300 kWh of electricity, which is only a short period of time. The momentary thing, this energy was wasted. What we are doing now is to collect this energy in the super capacitor and apply it to the next outbound braking, which is the high-speed rail system that the super capacitor is currently doing. Kinetic energy feedback. Reducing energy consumption and building a green and energy-saving society are major themes now. The braking energy feedback of high-speed rail is just one of the advantages of super capacitors, which is the efficient use of energy and recycling. The difference between super capacitors and batteries is similar to the European market. Talking about environmental protection, so supercapacitors are very advantageous in this regard. For example, Graz, Austria, has made it clear that it only buys supercapacitor cars and not batteries. Because the recycling of batteries is a very troublesome problem, it contains various heavy metals such as lithium, but the materials of supercapacitors are mainly carbon-based, and carbon can be recycled.


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