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Why use power capacitors for compensation?

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       The power supply process in grid equipment relies on active power and reactive power, and the reactive power inside determines the normality of power supply and why it is necessary to use power and electricity, so it will change if the reactive power is increased to maintain the stability of the power supply. It’s important to get, and this reactive power improvement is done by supplementing reactive power with power capacitors.


       Can the container be used for compensation? Is it possible to compensate by other means or without compensation? From the current application, there is no way to use other equipment to perform reactive power compensation. Among many electronic components, only capacitors have the effect of storing and discharging charges. If there is no way to operate through other components, so It is necessary to select a power capacitor for reactive power compensation.


       As an independent electronic component, the power capacitor performs reactive power compensation by linking the power grid equipment. It is not installed in the power grid equipment. The current technology has determined the existence of this way. It may be for reactive power. The concept is rather vague. If you describe the power supply process of the power grid as the process of a waiter pouring beer, it may be more direct and intuitive. For example, the foam formed when pouring beer can be understood as wasted electricity, and the reactive power is passed through the power capacitor. The effect of compensation can be directly converted into current, which is why the installation of power capacitors for reactive power compensation can not only stabilize the power supply, but also save money.


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