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What brand of power capacitor is good?

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       Regarding what brand of power capacitors are good, they are basically sold by capacitor manufacturers and boast that their own power capacitors are good, but everything is true with actual results. No matter how good the publicity is, it can’t compare to the actual results of using together, but purchase There are indeed many choices of power capacitors, so what brand of power capacitor should be judged from those dimensions?


       The company’s qualification information is referenced. This is a survey from the power capacitor manufacturer from one dimension, specifically from the manufacturer’s years of existence, production qualifications, and technical capabilities of R&D and production. If conditions permit, it is better to go to the power capacitor manufacturer to take a field test. Multi-dimensional judgment of production environment and equipment and other hard power.

       The reference of peers is also a good choice. Why do you say that? Since peers have chosen this manufacturer of power capacitors and have already used them, if the peers can use them normally, then there is no problem in choosing to use them. Knowing that the use of power capacitor brands by peers requires a certain amount of interpersonal relationship to get it.

       Third-party platform information is provided. There are third-party certification platforms at home and abroad. Choose a more well-known platform. The power capacitor manufacturer information recommendation provided in it is also a reference dimension, because the better-known third-party platform pays more attention to its own Reputation, so in providing power capacitor brand information, will not let their poor power capacitor manufacturers affect their reputation for many years of operation.

       The choice of imported brand power capacitors. This type of imported power capacitor manufacturer generally gives users an intuitive impression that it is better than the power capacitors in the mainland market. This kind of argument may have existed more than a decade ago. With economic development, most of the so-called imported brands have begun to use authorized production methods, allowing other mainland power capacitors to be produced in the form of OEM. The prices for selling relying on the effects of the brand are generally higher, but in terms of technology, the difference is not much worse. In addition, the after-sales service is handled by agents, and direct connection is not possible. For example, in recent years, Jiamingxing has repeatedly produced power capacitors to replace imported brand Vishay’s power capacitors. In terms of price And follow-up services are much better than imported brands.


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