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What is the tightening torque of the power capacitor?

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       Each type of power capacitor has lead-out terminals. Small capacitors are called leads or solder tabs, iron pins, soft leads, etc., power capacitors are relatively large terminals as the lead-out method, which is like the lead-out terminal of a power capacitor. It is installed by insulators, pipe sockets, and fittings.

       The power capacitor tightening torque does not refer to auxiliary tools, but refers to the reference value in the connection between each terminal of the power capacitor and the fittings, insulators, and busbars. The unit is generally Nm (rated torque; maximum torque; starting torque; impact energy). ; Friction torque).


       Because power capacitors are more stringent for various parameters, the tightening of each bolt (lead) must be carried out in accordance with the specified torque. If the parameters are not strict, local heating may occur, which indirectly or directly leads to fire or other etc. Major accident.

       The tightening torque of each power capacitor should be obtained from the corresponding supplier of the capacitor manufacturer. Although most of the torque requirements provided by each manufacturer are the same, it must be tightened according to the torque provided by the capacitor manufacturer. The parts that need torque requirements are: ①post insulator installation ②capacitor stand hoisting ③installation of fittings and pipe nuts ④capacitor bank wiring, the above four components need to be operated in accordance with the tightening torque.


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