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Why do motors need capacitors?

       We all know that a capacitor is a device that holds charges, and a capacitor is also indispensable in electronic circuits, as well as in a motor. Why do motors need capacitors? Simply put, it is a kickback voltage required when the motor is started, and the starting capacitor plays this role. It can make the motor magnetic field "asynchronous" and make the motor start to rotate.


        Why do AC motors need to be connected to capacitors? In short, capacitors can play the role of phase difference, and let the motor magnetic field occur, so that the current in the two groups will have a phase difference of nearly 90 ゜ to generate a rotating magnetic field. Under the effect of the rotating magnetic field, an induced current occurs in the motor rotor, and the current and the rotating magnetic field interact with each other to generate electromagnetic field torque, which makes the motor rotate.


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