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The capacity of supercapacitor is so high, why is the withst

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The withstand voltage value of the capacitor indicates the voltage that the capacitor can withstand under certain conditions. If the working voltage applied to the capacitor exceeds the rated voltage, the insulating medium inside the capacitor may be broken down, resulting in short circuit between electrodes or serious leakage

And the withstand voltage of the capacitor is determined by? The materials of capacitors of each specification are different, such as ceramic capacitor, film capacitor and aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Their manufacturing raw materials are different, that is, the materials mentioned are different. For example, ceramic capacitor is made of silver plated on ceramic as electrode, film capacitor is made of plastic film as dielectric, and aluminum electrolytic capacitor uses electrolyte as dielectric, Therefore, the capacity and withstand voltage of the produced capacitors are inconsistent, and they also have different appearance and performance characteristics. For example, ceramic capacitors have high withstand voltage and low capacity, electrolytic capacitors have high capacity and low withstand voltage, and thin-film capacitors have relatively balanced service life.

Electrolytic capacitor

For example, supercapacitors, also known as Faraday capacitors, have the same characteristics as electrolytic capacitors, with large capacity and low withstand voltage. Although the characteristics are the same, the capacity of supercapacitors is more than ten times or more than that of electrolytic capacitors, because the capacity unit of electrolytic capacitors is still μ F. The supercapacitor is the largest unit f in the capacitor capacity, which is also called Faraday, so it is also called super Faraday capacitor.


As for the low withstand voltage of supercapacitors, as mentioned in this paper, the capacity and withstand voltage characteristics of capacitors of each specification are determined by different materials. The dielectric material used for supercapacitors is carbon as the dielectric of capacitors, Moreover, because the super capacitor uses the electric double layer structure composed of activated carbon porous electrode and electrolyte to obtain super large capacity, there is no way to make it particularly large in withstand voltage. If this technical problem is broken through, it will not be a super capacitor, and it may be named by new R & D personnel as other capacitors.

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