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What products can supercapacitors be used in?

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Speaking of supercapacitors, in recent years, with the application of Tesla Motors, events such as carbon neutralization, new energy and efficient energy utilization have been put forward all over the world. Supercapacitors also began to appear in the eyes of consumers. Back to the first application scenario of supercapacitors, they were only applied on the computer motherboard or graphics card motherboard. Now, with the popularization, the technology has been upgraded, Supercapacitors are increasingly used.

To understand what the super capacitor can do, you need to know the operation characteristics of the super capacitor. It has the same high-capacity storage as lithium battery and the characteristics of rapid charge and discharge of the capacitor. For example, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor with large capacity is generally used in the camera. When the flash lamp is turned on every time the camera is taken, The flash effect is achieved through the rapid discharge of the capacitor, and then it can be quickly charged to prepare for the next flash. The popular hair removal instrument in recent summer also uses the principle of camera flash. At present, supercapacitors are gradually applied to this field.

The difference between super capacitor and ordinary capacitor and battery

However, the most common application of supercapacitors is in some fields of precision instruments and meters. Because of the large capacity reserve function, the power supply of the instrument can be maintained continuously in case of power failure, and the time precision can be maintained. It may seem that there is no feeling. In some fields, the time precision requirements of the instrument are extremely strict, In case of trouble caused by errors, there are some small output currents such as smart toys or WiFi routers, which can still operate by using super capacitors as backup power supply in the case of home power failure.

Supercapacitor application bus

However, when it comes to supercapacitors, what the public is generally exposed to is their performance in the automotive field. Using the characteristics of high-capacity storage and rapid charge and discharge of supercapacitors, they can be started at the moment of starting the car. When braking, they can also recover some electric energy as reserves. Compared with traditional batteries, they save a lot of energy, In China, the test results of some operation points of super capacitor buses are also more effective. France vigorously promotes super capacitor buses to achieve carbon neutralization. Although China vigorously promotes operation, the traffic environment of some cities is indeed not conducive to this kind of fast charging and fast discharging super capacitor buses, but the problems will gradually increase.

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