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Temperature options for super Faraday capacitors

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Supercapacitor is a new energy storage device developed in the 1970s and 1980s. It has excellent pulse charging and discharging performance. The power density is higher than that of battery, and the energy density is higher than that of traditional capacitor. Supercapacitor has high charging and discharging efficiency (more than 90%), long service life (more than one million times), wide applicable temperature range, and can be - 40 ~ 70 ℃. Because of these unique properties, supercapacitors have made many commercial applications in the fields of power, industry and transportation, including today's ubiquitous mobile electronic equipment, components of power system and the next generation energy storage system of new energy vehicles.

Lithium battery supercapacitor

The working temperature range of super capacitor is large, which can adapt to extreme cold or hot weather, and the maintenance cost is low. Especially in offshore wind power plants with high maintenance cost and difficulty, the advantages are more obvious. Compared with lead-acid battery and lithium battery, the energy storage reaction of electric double-layer capacitor is highly reversible physical adsorption, excellent cycle stability, high power density, extremely fast charge and discharge speed, high energy conversion efficiency, long service life, strong temperature performance and high safety factor.

Supercapacitor monomer

Temperature resistance range of super capacitor: - 40 ~ 70 ℃

Temperature resistance range of lithium battery: - 20 ~ 80 ℃

Temperature resistance range of battery: - 35 ~ 45 ℃

The electrolyte of supercapacitor not only determines the working voltage and current efficiency of supercapacitor, but also affects the specific power and output current. Its service temperature limits the application range of supercapacitor. Recognizing the importance of electrode materials and electrolyte, more and more supercapacitor manufacturers extend the industrial chain upstream and enter the independent R & D link of electrode materials and electrolyte, so as to maintain a stable supply, reduce costs and enhance product competitiveness.

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