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Super capacitor energy storage technology and its applicatio

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1. Energy storage principle of supercapacitor:

1.1 basic principle of electric double layer capacitor

The principle of electric double layer capacitor is an electronic component that uses an electric double layer formed between electrode and electrolyte to store energy. When the electrode is in contact with the electrolyte, due to the action of Coulomb force, intermolecular force or atomic force, there are two stable and opposite charges at the solid-liquid interface, which is called electric double layer. The energy storage of the capacitor is realized by electrochemical polarization of the electrolyte solution. There is no electrochemical reaction, and the energy storage process is reversible.

1.2 basic principle of Faraday quasi capacitor

Quasi capacitance for short. On the two-dimensional or quasi two-dimensional space of the electrode surface or bulk phase, the electroactive material underpotential deposition, high chemical adsorption desorption or redox reaction, and the capacitance related to the electrode charging potential. For Faraday quasi capacitor, the process of charge storage includes not only the storage on the electric double layer, but also the charge stored in the electrode by the ions in the electrolyte due to the redox reaction in the electrode active material.

Supercapacitor module

2. Application of super capacitor energy storage technology:

2.1 application of tram power supply

Because the supercapacitor has very high power density, it can well meet the power demand of tram during startup, acceleration and climbing, and can be used as the acceleration or starting power supply of hybrid electric vehicle.

2.2 application of electronic power supply

Due to the characteristics of high power density and low energy density, electrochemical double-layer capacitor will be mainly used to mix with other power sources to form power supply. At the same time, it can also be used as short-time power backup power supply to protect memory data

2.3 Application in power system

The energy storage time of super capacitor is very short, and the energy storage time is about 1min. It has incomparable advantages. It has a service life of 500000 cycles without care, so that UPS can really realize maintenance free when the power grid is powered off.


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